Nature’s Perfect Rock Dust 5lb Bag (Case of 5)


  • 100% Organic Soil Remineralizer.
  • Restores nutrients into your soil.
  • Use on gardens, flowers, trees.
  • Houseplants, Lawns, and Composting.
  • Safe around pets and kids!


Buy 4 get 1 free for a total of 5 bags (25 lbs.) of naturesPerfect.

naturesPerfect stands apart from other mineralizers simply because of numbers. Our mineralizer contains 76 minerals!!!  Crushed to 98% pass at 250 mesh to allow for easy absorption by your plants.

naturesPerfect also stands for quality. We have tested over 600 sites before packaging our product to be sure to get the correct balance of essential and trace minerals that plants need to photosynthesize more efficiently – allowing them to use more of their energy to produce fruits and vegetables with more nutrients, more vibrant flowers, and be more disease and weather resistant. These minerals also boost the microorganism growth in the soil – decreasing erosion, and increasing the soils moisture and nutrient storage capacity.

Grow better.

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Weight 25 lbs


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