About Us

Organic Mineral Distributors LLC (naturesPerfectTM) is a small, organic company interested in facilitating healthy, successful gardens and farms for our planet and reducing toxins in our watersheds. Simply stated, we hope to help things grow better. Better for the gardener, better for the plants being grown, and better for our Mother Earth.


Our soil enhancer is a remineralizer. The concept of soil remineralization has been around for decades and has been accomplished by using finely ground rock dust, or sea minerals. naturesPerfectTM is a unique blend of crushed volcanic minerals, whose formula was developed by Environmentally Sensitive Technology (EnSenTech), Inc. in the late ‘90’s. Approximately 600 volcanic sites were tested before the right balance of minerals was found. The result is a product that increases crop yields, reduces erosion, improves resistance to insects, disease, fungus, frost, drought, and more – all organically. In February of 2012, Organic Mineral Distributors LLC took Nature’s Perfect soil enhancer under new management, where it is now being distributed across the country.


We are based out of Utah.

55 N Merchant St. #1211 American Fork, UT 84003


801.896.SOIL (801.896.7645)

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