Higher crop yields

More resistant to frost and drought

Safe around kids

Safe around pets too!

Helps restore pH balance

Reduces soil erosion

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How It Works

When plants are given a balance of natural minerals, the photosynthesis process is more efficient and complete, converting simple sugars and amino acids into complex starches and proteins, making plants stronger, and pest resistant.

naturesPerfectTM is an all organic soil enhancer containing 76 trace minerals from deep within the earth. When applied to the soil, these minerals are absorbed by your plants to aid in photosynthesis, increasing nutrient value in the foods they produce, and allowing extra energy for withstanding inclement weather and disease.  Minerals also boost microorganism growth, naturally reducing soil erosion and increasing soil moisture and nutrient storage capacity.

No chemicals, no sprays. Grow Better.

Proven Results

“I had as many tomatoes from 3 plants this year as I got from 10 plants last year. Thank you Nature’s PerfectTM.”
– K.J. Farmington, UT

  • Higher crop yields
  • Less parasites, disease, and fungus
  • More resistance to frost and drought
  • Reduced soil erosion
  • Helps restore pH balance
  • More growth of micro-organisms in the soil
  • More nutrient and moisture storage capacity in the soil